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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brent,

Great question.

You are correct, at this time you can only delete the courses that you own. 

We have submitted this as a feature request to our team and I will be sure to add your comment to the report so that we can track both user need and so that we can update you here if we implement :)

Karl Muller

Hi LeAnn,

Only the course owner can delete a course.

These are the roles within Rise:

  • The Course Owner can do everything.
  • Course Manager can do everything except edit labels, transfer ownership, and delete the course. 
  • Course Collaborator can edit the course but doesn’t have access to Settings, Share, Review, or Export.

Source: https://community.articulate.com/series/rise-360/articles/rise-360-work-on-a-course-with-other-team-members