How do I transfer a Rise course from one Rise to another or upload it to Rise?

Mar 14, 2023

I have content created by another dev in their version of Rise (contractor) instead of the company license. Is there any way to upload it, or do I have to recreate it all? 

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Karl Muller

Hi Rhonda,

If both you and the contractor have Teams type accounts, the contractor can:

  1. Make you a Collaborator for that course
  2. Then make you the Course Owner for that course

If either one of you do not have a Teams type account, the contractor can email a copy of the course to your Articulate 360 account.

You will then have an editable version of the course and you will be the course owner.

Karl Muller

Hi Rhonda,

If you only have the ZIP file it isn't a possible to bring it into your Rise account and turn it into an editable Rise course.

Can the person that created the course not send you an editable copy instead?