How do you customise branding in the heading of the lesson and in the block?

Jun 05, 2017

Hi guys. I need to satisfy branding requirements before I can use rise. As you can see I have changed my photo to our logo and put in our tag line as my name but this may not be enough. I have added the custom colour too. Here are my questions:

  1. Can we custom the heading so it can include a logo or a branded footer.
  2. Can you edit the blocks? I know I could place one branded block which has logo and tag line in in from an image but wondering if there are any other ways.
  3. Can you include a logo in the menu?
  4. I would also love it if the image to your profile was responsive (like Facebook) - you can adjust the size and positioning of the profile picture - I could only put the flower rather than our full logo and it ideally the tag line should be in italics.

Appreciate your prompt reply :)

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Bret Jorgensen

Hello, Making every day the best it can be!

Some of the answers to your questions depend upon how you plan on pushing your course. If you have the ability to host the course on your server and publish to “No LMS - Web Only” you could modify the HTML post-export to include some of the customizations you are requesting. However, this is not something we can assist with

Your idea about a responsive profile image is interesting, but also something we do not offer at this time. There are similar customization discussions going on here and here in for ideas. We’re always listening, so please feel free to submit a feature request for anything you have on your wishlist.

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