How remove Rise in the HTML Title ?

Apr 10, 2018

HTML Title is dynamically redefined with the addition of the mention Rise at the end.

How to remove that ?

Because for learners this mention means nothing and damages the understanding of the title.

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Content Developer

Hi Serge, there's a way to do this, but implies going into the Js code that generates Rise pages:

1) Unzip your Rise output

2) Go to scormcontent\lib folder and open the main.bundle.js file with a text editor (notepad++ is ok)

3) Search this string: r=function(e){return(e?e+" | ":"")+"Rise"}

4) Erase the | and the Rise words into the brackets (but leave the brackets where they are), so it will come as


5) Save and close, then open the index.html file in the scormcontent folder to check if the title has changed as you like.

I don't think this is in any way supported by Articulate, so be careful!


Thank you very much Dario for your precious help,

That Rise is marked in small at the bottom of the page OK BUT in the title of the page it is abusing, It should be at least customizable.

Imagine that Word forces to add the mention "Microsoft Word" in the names of documents?

In the meantime I have also found another way of doing this but which is less elegant and more brutal, I still communicate it:

1) Unzip your Rise output

2) In Index.html add at the end before <\body> :

var ch = function(title){
return title.replace(/\| Rise[ \t]*$/, '').trim();
document.title = ch(document.title);
function(title){document.querySelector('title').innerText = ch(title)});

Also for the moment not supported by Articulate !

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