How to embed on our website a rise page skipping introduction

Apr 10, 2020

Hi, since now we have created gorgeous landing pages for our google ads using rise and embedding them on our website through iframe. This means that we need to skip the introduction page. From june it's no longer possible to use iframe and there's no way to embed the web object skipping the introduction. Do you have any suggestion or are you planning some change to avoid this introduction page? Thaks

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Valeria! You're right that you'll want to export your Rise 360 course for web and host that output on your site.

Depending on your web hosting provider, a potential solution for you is to host your web output on your server. You wouldn't have to openly link to it from your website. You can grab the URL from a lesson (as opposed to the intro page), and use that URL to embed the course in an iframe on the page in your site where your ads direct.

The change is that you are hosting the output and using your own URL instead of using the Share URL. Does that make sense?

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