How to force timing in Rise 360?

Jun 24, 2020

First off, I know that forcing learners to sit for a particular time in a lesson is not best practices. But this is what I must do for a module I'm working on.

What are some workarounds that can force learners to tick off a total of 4 hours on a course or possibly, 30 minutes on each of 8 sections?

I thought about importing a slide from SL 360 but I'm not quite sure how to do that other than create a slide with a really long timeline and don't let them advance until the end.

Or is this something that can be done on the LMS level?

Thanks all.

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Sam Hill

Hi Louisa, I think the LMS solution might be the best route to explore first. For example, exporting each of the 8 sections as an individual SCO. The SCOs will report a total time in each one. You can aggregate 8 separate SCOs so they appear as one course as well.

SL360 timelines go up to a max of 1000 seconds, so just over 16.5 minutes.

You would have to have a JavaScript timer in SL360 which would set the SL360 block complete.


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