How to generate link to index.html file in Rise Course Hosted on Cornerstone LMS

Jul 21, 2021

Hi! I'm linking to a Rise course from within Storyline. All's great when hosting the Rise course on a web server, but my client wants to link to the Rise course on their LMS, Cornerstone, and cannot figure out how to generate a link to the Rise course's index.html file. I can't see what she's seeing, so am little help. Can someone provide guidance, by chance? 

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Shannon! Sorry for any confusion, I meant if you were trying to embed the Rise 360 course or page on the LMS. You were asking for the index.html, which usually refers to the main page of a website. 

For a Rise 360 course, you would need to export this for Web Export, and host these files on a server. When Publishing for Web this will create a zip file. If you're going to host the course on a web server, you'll need to unzip the files and folders to launch the course. From there, you can get the link to the course.

Please note the HTML file will only launch the course, and you would still need to maintain file structure.