How to make certain parts of a RISE program restricted

Sep 17, 2021

In my RISE lesson, I want students to be able to access certain "lessons" such as the appendix "lesson" at the bottom of the course while restricting the actual lessons to be completed sequentially. (restricted)

(the appendix is not a lesson, but there's no option other than using the word lesson) 

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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Katherine!

You can add a continue button at the end of each lesson to ensure that users can complete the lessons sequentially. This ensures that the block (or blocks) above are completed before the learner can proceed to the next lesson.

However, you won't be able to free navigation for just your Appendix block, but you can add the appendix as an attachment instead of a separate lesson.

Katherine Adraktas

Thank you Hazel.

I already knew that and have incorporated it into certain blocks.

I guess I'll have to request the user go through the lessons sequentially. That way they'll have the ability to accessing the glossary and reference sections throughout. 

I wish there were a way to restrict certain numbers of the lessons.  For example, if on the contents page, I could have a heading called glossary and references, then under that heading, have the glossary and reference "lessons" (they're not actually lessons.)  set as FREE. then under a different heading, call it, "Lessons" then under that header make the lessons "restricted" forcing students to finish lesson one before lesson two,, etc. 

Karl Muller

Hi Katherine,

As the Glossary and Reference both contain non-instructional content, they should not be treated as Lessons that are tracked. They should both reside in a globally accessible "resource" section that can be accessed without leaving the current Lesson.

This is a major deficiency in Rise courses. 

Hazel Bartolome

Hi there! You can add a Continue button at the end of that compulsory block, then choose a Completion Type to determine how the continue block behaves. I would suggest choosing the Complete Block Directly Above option so that your learners will complete the interaction immediately before the Continue button will be clickable.

Rise 0

Hello , not really a truly viable option all times .. but creating two courses, one with the content, one with a glossary that can be available in separate window/ tab.. with link button to jump between them.. Sadly. rise have many more features to be added to be the definitive system of  choice. But as i hear time and time again - everything can be created in Storyline.. and then i answer with what level of ease of use? 

in any case i second your request for a option to select that specific sections are standalone, either as free access or as conditioned access. That would make for a whole other level of course design compared to today. If the condition could also be not only "continue  conditions" but knowledge objectives fulfillment conditions ( based on results from quiz/exercises etc) that would be next level.

Nur  Rahman

Hi all,
This is a good discussion, thank you for rising the issue.
I want create a course that have a sets of separate modules, one for beginners and one for advanced. But it is in the same module.

So my beginner learners will not be able to see the advanced content, unless I gave them permission to access, and they will complete the course at the end of the beginners section.
Is this something that RISE have, any features that I might have missed?

Thank you - Nur