How to share and globally update Rise "template"

Jun 10, 2020

We have a specific color theme and custom font family to use for Regular, Bold and Italic for our Rise courses. We all work on individual cloud licenses of Rise 360.

Currently, a course is created with our defined color theme, font, cover picture, logo, etc, and we duplicate that course, rename it and use it to develop.

Is there a way to update the course used as the "template", and have those changes automatically apply to all courses using that "template"?

Would the "transfer ownership" or making all of us "co-owners" or "managers" make this doable?

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Karl Muller

Hi Cindy,

Rise does not have a global style template function that automatically updates all courses based on it.

It would be great if it did.

We use a library of block templates that have been styled correctly and have shared those block templates with our team. Whenever a block needs to be created in a course, we do not use the default blocks, but grab our custom version from the library. This ensures consistency between team members.


Karl Muller

Hi Cindy,

When you create Block templates they are stored in a library, not in a specific course.

When you create a new block template you have the option to make that block private and available only to you, or to share it with everyone that is part of your Rise Team.

If your shared the block templates with your team, it does not matter which course you are working on, the same block templates will be available to everyone in your team.

Rachel Favorite

Reviving this thread because I have the same request as Cindy. While creating individual block templates is helpful, we have different templates for different products/teams and combing through people's individual saved block templates quickly becomes time-consuming.

It would be great to templatize a full course in order to 1) retain customized course settings, 2) control versioning and ownership, and 3) customize the "standard" blocks so that you're not stuck sorting through the block templates (or duplicating blocks).

Today we are currently sharing a "Template DO NOT EDIT" course with 50+ people who all have to remember take a copy of this course before beginning production. This post was prompted by another email reminder not to edit the shared course template :)