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Nov 01, 2017

Hi Articulate team,

We have a large group and are mass producing several courses in Rise. We would like to create a starter-template in Rise (which I have quasi-accomplished). I created a Rise course with the appropriate branding and collaborators. *But unless you are an owner of a Rise course you cannot copy it... So I created a copy of this template and gave ownership to all teammates. However this causes a few issues:

  • I will need to maintain several 'starter' courses or replace them if/when our standards or branding changes (I'm not a high-maintenance type)
  • The collaborators are automatically dropped when you make a copy
  • The labels are automatically set back to English when you make a copy

Is there a way to set up a starter course or template that can be used for all team members? OR, is there a way to reset the defaults in the settings/theme to always use our specific options?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Learn.TMW.  For this scenario, what if you used the Send a Copy feature rather than collaborators?  Individuals can keep the copy as a template and create duplicates from it within their own dashboard.  Check out this article on working with label sets as well.

I'm curious to hear from others in the community about how they handle "templates" in Rise, too!

Holly Harris

That is another method but essentially gives me the same results with additional drawbacks. The labels are set back to English in the copied version, the collaborators are removed, and the sender is also dropped as a collaborator. This makes versioning even harder because I won't be able to see or edit the copies. :(

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

That's an interesting idea Learn.TMW! I could see the value in having course owners (the original creator), editors (with access to all settings), and then collaborators (those who can only access content). I'm going to share this discussion with our product team - as I know they're always curious how new features are being used and what ways we can make it fit your needs better! 

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