I want to share Rise content on a website

Oct 10, 2018

This seems easy enough, but I am not seeing the answer on here.  Can I share this just like I do Storyline content, by housing it on my Amazon service and then linking to the launch file?  If so, what is the launch file for Rise?

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, in Rise:

  1. Go to EXPORT, then go to EXPORT TYPE as Web.
    (this will take a bit depending on course size),
  2. Then it will download a .zip file for you. 
  3. If you extract that .zip file, you will get a "content" folder. 
  4. In that folder will be an "index.html" file, use that to point to from your website.

I have not used the Amazon service, sorry I can't reply on that part.

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