Image and Text Block

Apr 29, 2021


Is anyone else experiencing issues with the Image and Text Block?

I have tried to update text in a current block and it won't allow me to update, added a new image and text block and the same thing happens. I can't modify at all, it is only this block all others work fine.

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Rebecca,

I have just tried adding a new text and image block, closing the course, re-opening the course and editing the text and it all appeared to be working as it is supposed to.

It is probably stating the obvious, but I just wanted to check that you are trying to edit the text by clicking on the Edit button and then editing the text in the pop-out box on the left of the screen. Unlike a normal text block, you can't edit directly by clicking on the text where you want your edit point and then typing in your new text.

Karl Muller


It used to be possible to edit the text directly for this block type without being in Edit mode, just like text blocks.

Not sure when or why it changed, but in order to edit the text, you now first need to select the EDIT button, and then edit the text in the side panel.

This just adds a step to the process.