Image & Text left justification

May 26, 2021

I have a block of "Paragraph with Subheading" with a block of "Image & text" beneath it. I am wondering why the left justification is different for the two blocks?? The "Paragraph with Subheading" block is indented 50 pixels or so. 

Ideally, I would prefer that all of the text blocks and "Image & text" left justify the same.

I am not sure if there is a reason for this, or something I can fix?

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Taylor Lemker

Hi Crystal,

Is there anywhere we can submit this kind of change and update requests? Not being able to align the text is a huge issue. It looks horrible when it's not aligning to your picture and having to change the picture to smaller (especially in interactive) is not always an option as you can't see it.

Renz Sevilla

Hi Jennifer! Thanks for following up on this! You can leave a comment here in this thread like you did to cast your vote for this feature. We take feedback and track requests from the forums or any feature requests that come in here through submissions. 

For more information on how we manage feature requests, please see this article.