Image clarity, interactive Storyline block in Rise

Mar 06, 2018

Hi there. 

I did my first Storyline block using a pick many question style. Most of the graphics were from Content Library. I've attached a screenshot from the preview window in Storyline. The images are all very clear. Here's the link to Articulate Review for comparison: To me, this version is very fuzzy. 

Any ideas?

Thanks very much.

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Cheryl Hoover

Thanks to you both for the reply. And I apologize, as I misstated the issue. In Articulate Review, it looks great - very crisp and clear on its own. It's after it's been inserted into Rise that it's blurry. I'm not at the point of being ready to publish, but I've reviewed the whole project in Review and it's blurry.

I shared the whole Rise file with this block. See the section on Product Diversity here: and let me know what you think.

Thanks so much for any thoughts.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for the link - I tested it as well in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The Storyline block is a bit blurrier in Chrome, and we've seen some issues with Storyline/Chrome display based on changes Google made in a browser update. Our team is looking into what changes we can put in place within Storyline to accommodate this, and that is something we'll keep you posted on here in ELH. The supported Rise browsers are here, and although we don't have a preferred browser I know a lot of us use a combination of Chrome and Firefox. 

In the meantime, you should be able to view Review and Rise content in IE11, but authoring in Rise is not supported in IE11.  Do you see an error message when trying to open Review in IE11 or the page just doesn't load? 

Cheryl Hoover

Because Rise authoring doesn't work with IE 11, I've changed my default to Chrome and don't even mess with IE. I've attached a screenshot of what happens in IE 11. It just sits there and does nothing. Same behavior with Rise (authoring) and with specific links to a file in review such as this: That's fine. I just work in Chrome. 

Mark Wilson

I am having the same troubles with blurry images in Chrome but I assume that is because Rise is resizing the Storyline course (which is known to cause problems). The Articulate team are very much aware of this issue as it's been a bug for over a year now.

Here is a thread full of others who are waiting for a solution to this.

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