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Daniel Andres

For session (main) headers I typically use 1500 x 844. For headers I use within a lesson I typically use 1400 x 933. If you use the image with text block then the header will vary depending on your text but a 933 width seems to work pretty well. 

I also use Pixelmator on mac which is really helpful to easily edit/create images. I think it costs around $20 and is well worth it. There are also a ton of free photo editing websites out there. 

Hope that helps.

Bridgewater Developer

The Image and Text block has the ability to change image sizes with 25%, 50% and 75%. It would be nice if the other image blocks could also be scaled (including Carousel, Grids etc.), this could perhaps include a 0-to-100 slider for image sizes.

Currently for Image Centred options, to reduce the image size on screen I increase the canvas width for the image in Photoshop.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

Great questions on Rise and image dimensions! Our best practices and recommendations are here and beyond that it sounds like you have some great ideas to help your course creation. Happy to hear more about those in the E-Learning Heroes community or send them along to our Product team as a Feature request here!