Image Gallery Carousel Error When Viewing Course in Internet Explorer


Today when reviewing a course with a client, we noticed an issue when viewing images within a Carousel block in both Rise and Review. The arrows used to click through the gallery were offset far to the left of the page, so that the right arrow appeared in the middle of the image being displayed.

I develop courses in Rise using Chrome and have never seen this issue there. But my client uses IE for deployment and implementation, and the issue seems to be there every time. 

I will find an alternative to use this time (probably a Storyline Block...), but I wanted to make you all aware of the issue. 

See the attached images for a visual of the issue.



Cameron Francis

L&D Specialist at General RV Center

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Martika Cox

Hi Cameron,

I’m sorry that you’re running into this issue. We're seeing the same thing, particularly when the browser width is around 1447 pixels or more. Our team is looking into this problem, and I'll be sure to add your experience to our report.

Thanks for bringing this up! We’ll be sure to circle back to this thread when there’s an update to share.