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Alyssa Gomez

Hi JC!

What kind of lesson or block are you using? Although there isn't a feature that will allow you to hyperlink an image, you could include a hyperlink in text near the image. For example, you can hyperlink within the accompanying text in a Process Interaction. My colleague Ashley recorded a quick video of this in Peek for how to set this up! 

I can certainly see a use case for hyperlinking images, and it's an idea worth sharing with our developers in the form of a feature request. Thanks for letting us know how we can make things better!

Katie Riggio

Thanks for adding your voice, Martin! ☺️

Just to confirm, are you looking for an option to add a hyperlink to an image that jumps to another part of the project, or goes outside of the Rise course? I want to make sure I capture your thoughts accurately before I share them directly with our product team!

Martin Iwinski

Hi Katie,

I'd like to set up a custom image and link to a) an area within the Rise course or b) an external hyperlink. The only option in Rise is to have a picture and click to enlarge it or not. This is pretty limited and I believe a pretty big oversight.

I think being able to link from images should be a basic function in Rise.

Thanks for following up!

Crystal Horn

Thanks Wileen for chiming in.  😊

As a workaround for now, try using a Storyline block.  Here's an example I mocked up with a Storyline slide that has an image hyperlinking to a website.

One of the things I love about 360 is how the integration of our tools makes it really easy to come up with outside-of-the-box ideas.  I hope that's a solution that folks can use!

Sharon Dar

Hi All,

I was also Googling about this topic and reached this thread. It is indeed a very basic functionality which we also feel is necessary to include in Rise.

Crystal, while the workaround you presented can be used for links out side the project, this still leaves the need of links within the project untreated.

Any update about where the feature request stands?



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sharon,

It sounds like you have a need to hyperlink an image to another lesson within your Rise course, is that right?

While you can already hyperlink to other lessons using a Button Block or Button Stack, I'll let our team know you'd like to do the same with an image. 

I appreciate you reaching out to us about this -- it's helpful to know how folks are using Rise and how we can make it even better! 😊

Cynthia Shoff

Wishing for the image hyperlink ability too...

In the meantime, within a Tabs block, I added a URL where it says "Upload an image or video file, or embed something from the web." My question is this: Our compliance department has requested that I *remove* the image and associated text that automatically appear due to that URL; can this be done? Thanks!