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Nov 10, 2016


I can't find any guidance on suggested image sizes for any of the 'image blocks'. As a result, I'm getting some poor quality outputs. I've tried a number of different sizes, JPEGs and PNGs, but it appears Rise might be compressing things once they're uploaded?

Take the full-width image for example. I've created a PNG at 1680 x 945 which is really sharp and looks great on my PC (file size of 106kb). Once I put this in Rise, I'm getting artifacts appearing all over the image, and the quality is significantly lower. Take a look at the screenshots attached:

Capture.jpg = the high quality original png
Capture2.jpg = the reduced quality png appearing in Rise

Any advice for working with images in Rise?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nitesh and Frederick,

Currently there isn't an option to adjust the size, and within the column grid block they are sized to match one another and based on the more columns you add. Are you looking to show certain images larger/smaller than one another? If so perhaps instead you look to using the preset sizes within each column grid and not choosing to show all the photos available. For example, I can add in a four column grid and delete two of the pictures - that way the pictures you inserted remain at the smaller size. 

Frederick Bergeron

Hi Ashley,

For me, it was more for removing the forced Zoom that crop the images - I would love to be able to show a full image in the page, not zoomed and crops. Would it be possible to have an option to turn it On/Off. (I'm referring to the fact that the images are never shown in full in the page, there is always a zoom that crop the images.)

It will also allow the option to have smaller images, like icons, and sometimes I don't have a high-resolution version. i would love to be able to have that image showing up at its default size - not having a force zoom on it. 

Let me know if it's not clear. :)

Thanks for the follow up, 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Frederick,

Just to confirm I'm seeing the same thing as you're describing, do you have some screenshots to share or a link to your Rise course? You could also create a Peek video to share with me! That's my favorite way. :) 

As far as changes in behavior or new features, I'll leave that in the hands of our Engineers, but I'll certainly pass it along! You are also always welcome to submit your own feature requests here. 

Frederick Bergeron

Hi Ashley,

if you can have a look at the video below, I'm showing 2 examples that represent what I'm asking.

  1. The image with the cell phone
    As you can see if you use the zoom feature, the 'thumbnail' of that picture is crop - I'm not seeing the image in full. Sometimes, I would love to show the image in full there and not use the zoom feature.
  2. The books icon
    This one is a small icon, but as you can see, because we don'T have any control on the showing of the pic in that page, the icon is blown up and create a pixelated image. I would love the possibility to show some full icons on that page, even if they are small picture.

Hoping that quick video and explanation above help understand what I'm looking for :)

Thanks again for your help,

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

That's exactly what I needed Frederick! I had been just playing around with the stock images and hadn't truly noticed the cropping until your video and then opening each of those up and clicking on it. Perhaps my mind is already in holiday mode? ;) 

I did share the general comment in terms of resizing pictures/images as a feature request - but I see how within a Block - Gallery how that can be even more important a feature. I'll be sure to pass this along, and link to your video here. 

Thanks - and I hope you have a great holiday weekend! 

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