Importing Storyline video block into Rise 360 - I need video to play immediately (via trigger in SL), but not working in Rise 360

Jul 29, 2021


I have a an animated video slide I created in Vyond and put into SL360. I now need to bring this into Rise360. I need the video to play immediately (i had setup a trigger to play once timeline starts), and I put a hotspot over the video so it can't be started and stopped during play. It's about a 4 second video animation. 

I published it and brought it into Rise360. Here is my issue:

1) it doesn't play immediately. One needs to hit the play button.

2) it shows all the player controls at the bottom. I need to hide these, as all I care about is showing the animation.

3) it's formatted funky. It's showing the storyline navigation etc.  I recall there was a webinar on this, but I can't find it.

4) If I bring the video into Rise directly (skipping the SL step), can I hide the player stuff, AND have the video play immediately, versus someone having to push play. 

Any shortcuts or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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