In text pop-up

Aug 31, 2017


I don't see anything in the current discussions, but if it has been addressed already please do let me know.

I'm busy creating a course in Rise, but the client now want's to add in text pop-ups to insert definitions for certain words. I.o.w. we link the difficult/new word in a paragraph so a pop-up (similar to what you see with the hot-spot images) appears with the definition of the word.

Is something like this possible Rise?

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Ram Laurino

Yes, my client also needs this feature. I know it is available and can be done in Articulate Storyline but it is Rise that our client prefers because of how fast it is to develop content there, and how great looking the interactivity features are.

I just wondered because this request was already made known to Articulate since 3 years ago, basing only from this thread. I guess we can't have everything!!!! haha! But I hope they can add this feature soon!