Labeled Graphic Pop-Ups Cut Off

Sep 25, 2020

As of this morning, the pop-ups in my Rise labeled graphics are cut off at the top or bottom. The pop-ups used to show up in the middle of the block and the user might have to scroll to see all of the text, but the entire pop-up window was visible. Now they are displaying higher or lower on the screen and the actual pop-up is cut off. Over the past month, I've created 25 Rise modules with these labeled graphics and everything was working just fine until this morning and now all of the modules are having this issue. We are seeing this issue in Preview mode in Rise as well as on Review 360,  viewing on a regular monitor (not mobile or tablet). Is anyone else experiencing this issue? 

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Havaleh Havelka

Hi, Alyssa! I do not see the same issue in your sample course. Due to confidentiality purposes, I am unable to share one of the Rise courses I mentioned above, but I created a new, sample Rise course and the same issue occurred.

I'm posting a screen capture of the pop-up cut off at the top. Additionally, here is a link to the sample on Review 360: 

I acknowledge that the image size does not allow for much height. However, we've been working with a similar image size for a month now and this hasn't been an issue. The pop-ups have always appeared fully within the block.

Thank you for looking into this!

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