Increase the font size in the menu

Jul 28, 2017

Hello, could you please help me to find out how to change the menu font size? my users have been complaining because the menu font is so small.

Please advice which file or style sheet should I  edit.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leadership, 

Do you know what devices your users are viewing the Rise courses on? The font size is set automatically in Rise and will resize based on the device you view it on due to it's responsive nature. 

If you have an example of very small font on a device I can always send that to our team as a feature idea! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sara,

Thanks for confirming. If it's only the menu, and you'd resized the browser window (based on your image it was fairly narrow) the font size of the menu will decrease based on the responsive nature of Rise.

You can see this change if you use the various preview options for desktop, tablet and mobile phone while in Rise or if you're viewing the Share link by resizing the browser window altogether. 

I can see how certain sizes or display setups could cause it to be too small for learners, so I'll pass that along to the team as a feature idea. Thanks for sharing here, and you're also encouraged to share ideas with us here!

Katie Riggio

Hey, Alexandria. Thanks for joining the conversation!

I saw you also submitted a Feature Request with extra insight and a screenshot attached. Super helpful!

While I don't have any updates to share today, we promise to let you know once there's any forward movement on a text formatting feature for the menu. Everyone who reached out here will be notified immediately since that automatically subscribes one to this discussion! 

Thanks again for letting us know what you'd like to see, and we're here if you have any more questions!

Bill Yetman

Has there been an update to this?  I have clients who can barely read the font on the menu.  I have explained the need to have this responsive - but it does not make sense that the largest screen has the smallest font.  This has been tested in Chrome (15" laptop), Firefox (same) and IE (same and 28 inch monitor).  Scared that this post is two years old and it is till an issue.  Can this be fixed through Articulate?


Crystal Horn

Hi there Bill. You can completely customize your fonts in Storyline, but you won't be able to directly transfer content from Rise 360 since it uses web technology to author content.

Quick note - when you reply via email, it includes your email signature with contact information in the public discussion.  You can edit it out of the post here if you wish!

Bill Yetman

Is there someone who I can speak to before I Go any further?
First - I was led to believe that I could use storyline with my Apple OS - but it can’t (it has to be in parallels - which is not the same OS).
Then - I was told that the two systems Rise and Storyline worked seamlessly - which now I see they don’t.
I keep getting emails to download Storyline - which again, I can’t.

Before I go any further - I need to understand if this is the right suite for us.

Is there someone to speak too?


Dave Ruggiero

Hi, just wanted to chime in that I would appreciate this feature as well. The request we actually got from the client was to increase the font size of everything in the course, and since we can manually update everything except for the menu items (and similar spots like accordion screen titles), they now look oddly small.