Inserting template gets stuck every time?

Jan 03, 2020

I have a course where i have created block templates for reuse throughout the course. This worked one or two times, but now when I chose to add a block and pick my template from the block library, it inserts a "inserting template" section into the course and never finishes.

broken feature?

Funny thing is, I can preview the course and the content shows up. I can go and edit other pages and then come back to this page and sure enough, it's still "inserting template". Block templates don't work for me. What can I do?

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Karl Muller

This continues to be a major problem for our organization.

When we build our courses, we seldom use the block library, as we have created custom versions of each block type.

As a result 99% of the blocks we insert into a new Rise course comes from the Block Template library.

So every time inserting an item from the Block Template library fails two or three times in succession, it has a major impact on our productivity. 

We simply cannot afford the time it takes to redo inserting a block template over and over until it randomly decides to finally work.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for sharing that impact, Karl. I'm sorry for the impact to your team's productivity. We're exploring what is causing this performance slow down, and we'll share here when we know more.

Karl, can you determine if there's any difference in behavior if you're loading templates using the "all authors" filter  as opposed to filtering to a single author? Thank you!

Grzegorz Wilczek

I know you asked Karl, but I'm facing the same issue, so I can chip in.

For me trying to filter the blocks by name can cause server error and "sorry something went wrong" - and back to the main page.
The only filter that is more or less reliable is filtering by author - myself - I didn't notice any difference in template processing though: it's as likely to fail as with no filters.

Crystal Horn

Hey everyone,

Thanks for continuing to tell us your experiences. I have a couple of questions so we can continue to investigate a fix:

  • Are you noticing that this happens if you add block templates to your lesson very quickly in succession?
  • Also, if you're experiencing this issue, do you have a large number of block templates already? I realize "large" could be subjective, but if you've got a long list that you're scrolling though, we'd like to hear about it.

Thanks again.

Karl Muller

Hi Hazel,

Q: Are you noticing that this happens if you add block templates to your lesson very quickly in succession?

A: Yes, inserting several block templates very quickly into the course will fail in most cases. I've found that once I've found the block template I want to use, hover over for two seconds before clicking it, will work most of the time.

Q: do you have a large number of block templates already?

A: Yes, we have a long list of block templates. Most frequently used templates are at or near the top of the list.

Another oddity I've seen, is that some block templates are more likely to fail, while others always seem to work.

Karl Muller

Hi Josh,

I just discovered that the Delete button is no longer showing up for me either. I checked Chrome which I normally use and Edge, and the Delete button is missing from both browsers.

Checking the forums, several people are reporting that they are not seeing any block editing and settings buttons today, so something is going on that needs to be fixed ASAP by Articulate.


Pete Theodore

Just encountered this problem today, same as described by others in the forum. I found that while the Delete button does not show up, it is still active. I hovered over where it should be (extreme top right) and my cursor changed to clickable link. I clicked and the block deleted. No restarts, resets, cache clearing. Just click the invisible delete button. Hope this helps.