Interactive-software training in Rise

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I am looking for help and advise please :)

I am currently producing a course on how to use a specific piece of software. There will be a lot of these coming up. The first one will be quite large and may end up with over 30 really short screen recordings (we want it to be a quick reference for learners too). I am aiming for this to be as engaging as possible and have seen Tom's examples of using images instead of just screen recordings, making sure to ask questions etc, but it will still end up being a large course, both in size and length. I really like the look and feel of Rise, the menu, the full screen, everything really.......So I have a few questions. 

  1. With an individual subscription (150 GB) will I have enough storage?
  2. If it only supports latest versions (I.E. 11 etc) does that mean many of my learners will have issues? 
  3. Am I better to use Story Line 360? (because of the size and also because rise is in HTML5 and many learners may not have the latest versions and have already admitted to not being that technical - they won't want to have to update etc)
  4. Is there an example out there in SL360 that looks/plays similar to rise that I could pick up some pointers from? 

Any help would be gratefully received!! :) 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jude, 

Great questions about Rise, and a few I'll leave to the community in terms of designing and examples, but I did want to answer the few technical related questions. 

1. That should be plenty of storage - so far no one's come close to exceeding it and we've seen some pretty amazing, media rich course created in Rise so far.  To get a sense of what we've seen so far, take a look at the examples Justin shared here. 

2. Browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari often are all automatically updating, so it's likely that users of those browsers are on the latest versions already even without knowing it. Internet Explorer is a bit trickier, although IE11 is the latest. With all that in mind we haven't seen a lot of issues with users accessing the courses so far in those browsers, as they're pretty popular and wide spread. Rise courses are also fully responsive, so users could access it from their mobile devices too which would ensure that there is likely a more updated browser. 

Let us know if you have any other questions as you continue to test out and use Rise and the other Articulate 360 tools. 

Melissa Jordan

Hi Jude,

I haven't tried Rise for presenting software simulations yet, but have done a lot of them in Storyline. 

If working with that many, it's very wise to keep them short. I'd also recommend menu-ing them out, so that users can come in and view the ones they want, while being able to skip the ones they don't want or need. It sounds like Rise could be a good solution for doing that.

I know you can't import Storyline content into Rise, but you could publish the Storyline content to a server, and then link to it in Rise - so you'd be using Rise as the "menu" or "wrapper" to present the demos. That would probably look really slick!

FSMTB Continuing Education

I'm just learning to use Rise for simpler courses, but I will offer this: If you are just looking for a simple way to give a how-to lesson, especially if it's step by step instructions, Rise would be preferable over Storyline. Storyline is still my #1 because it's pretty boundless, but Rise is perfect for organizing a course like yours. I think the extra functionality of Storyline might get in the way.

Jeff Kortenbosch

Hey Jude, I've used Rise, in combination with Replay for software training. 

Basically I determined what are critical activities for my target audiences and recorded short Replay videos of those. Underneath the videos I added some time stamps for certain moments in the video. 

We launched it and people are loving it!

You can have a quick look here:


Chandrani Das

Hi Jeff

The sample is fantastic. I am trying to do something similar and your demo is really helpful.

In the demo, on the How to delete a news page, there is a line just above the video. Can you please advise how did you get that line as it is giving a nice frame-like feeling to the video?

Kind regards