Is a Storyline block within Rise also published, or forever linked via your Review subscription?

Apr 17, 2023

Very keen to learn more about how Storyline blocks are embedded in a published Rise course.

I am creating a Rise project for a client which contains a few custom Storyline blocks. These are added by publishing the blocks to Review, then selecting the correct block within the Rise course.

When I hand over the project to the client, I will export as a Scrom package for their LMS.

What I want to know is if the Storyline blocks are also published as part of the Scorm package, or will their new course always dip into my Review account to access and load up the Storyline blocks?

If it is the latter, this is an issue as if I ever stop my Articulate 360 subscription, my client's course will show blank spaces where the lovely Storyline blocks used to be.

Can someone clarify?


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