Is it possible to track all embedded storyline blocks, not just one?


I have a Rise course with a few Storyline blocks embedded. When I export the course to LMS I am able either select track course completion or select tracking the storyline block, and then only one of the embedded blocks.


I would like to have a possibility to track all of the storyline blocks as well as completeion of all lessons in Rise in my reporting tool in LMS.

Is it possible?

Thank you!

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Nicole Legault

Hi Irina, Eboni, Christina, Nina and Samara. 

Wanted to update you all to let you know we've created a feature request for the ability to track multiple Storyline blocks. Thank you for letting us know that this is something you want, and if/when we ever have updates for this feature we'll post it here to this discussion. 

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Benjamin Duffy

+1!  We're delivering Rise courses in our LMS that contain links to Storyline Courses in our LMS because each of the Storyline courses acts as an acknowledgement signoff and we want to craft our learning experience in Rise.  It would be such a better learning experience if we could insert these Storyline courses as Storyline Blocks and still acheve LMS visibility into individual Storyline Block completions.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Andrew. Do you need to ensure just that the Storyline blocks are complete, or do you need to pull quiz data from Storyline blocks?

If it's the first option, you can use continue button blocks to restrict navigation of your lessons until the Storyline block is complete. Using a completion trigger in the Storyline block would be the way to do it. Here are the details on setting it up!

Let me know if that works for you.