Is there a way to require a response to reveal content?

I'm trying to make a series of pages with case studies where the students read the study, are prompted to select what the issue is, and then once they answer correctly it would reveal the answer and explanation.  Is there a way to make this without using a quiz? Or suggestions on a method to do this that doesn't require multiple pages? Thanks!!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Laura!  Welcome to Heroes!  :D

You won't have the same sort of trigger and layer action that you do with Storyline.  But I think you could get creative!  For example, you might be able to leverage a Blocks lesson to have a text block and perhaps a tabs block beneath where the answers are arranged.  Here's a screenshot of this idea in authoring:


I'm not sure what your needs are in terms of having feedback for every answer choice.  Just a thought!  Hopefully our community can chime in with other ideas, too!