Issues with copied version of Rise site : labels, links, hidden author

Aug 01, 2017

Hi all,

I have copied and handed over a Rise site to a client who will do the finishing touches to it and manage it themselves. I have a few issues:

1. When the client tries to add a link (to their copied version), for some reason the link opens in the same window, therefore throwing the user out of the Rise site. The original links that I created in my version still work fine, it is just the newly created links in the copied version that are not behaving as expected (ie: not opening in a new tab). 

2. The labels that I customised in the original version did not copy over to the new version. The client has tried to change the labels, but the changes have not worked and seem to go back to the default labels.

3. I hid the author in the original version, but that did not copy over to the new version. However, the client was able to change this successfully.

Any suggestions/advice appreciated. Thanks in advance,


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Silvia!  Thanks for describing those behaviors so well.

  1. When you are testing the links in the copied version, are you doing that through Preview?  Are you using the Share URL?  We did a quick test, and the newly created links opened in a new tab in Chrome as expected.

  2. Custom label sets are saved on each user's Rise account, and they don't transfer with the course copy.  We were aware of an issue with changes made to the default label set not applying to new courses, which might explain why your client had trouble changing the labels.

    We actually just released a fix for that!  So if you or your client go back into your Rise course and change the default label set (keep in mind this will apply to all of your Rise courses on your own dashboard using this label set), the changes should remain.  Alternatively, you could export your label set and have your client import that file.

    Can you test that out for me, and let me know what you see?

  3. As with custom labels, the author settings will not copy over with the course.  Since your client is receiving a copy of the course in their own dashboard, the author information is new.  As long as they can successfully make that change, that's what we'd advise you to do.

If you can grab me the specifics in question 1 and let me know if customized default labels are now working for question 2, that would be super!  Thanks!

Silvia  Vogel

Hi Crystal, thanks so much for your prompt response.

Re point 1: The client shared the URL with me so I could see what was happening (not opening in a new tab) . Still no luck with this. I have asked them to try again, and am waiting on a response. Do you have any other suggestions in the meantime?

Re point 2: That's great news, the client has now managed to change the labels successfully. It is also great that there is an alternative option to export the label set - that's great for future reference as I think it's probably easier for the client to be sure to have the exact label settings as the original. 

Thanks and best wishes,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Silvia,

Glad Crystal could help you out and I wanted to pop in while she was out today. 

For #1, does the new link open in a new window vs. a new tab? When they shared the URL with you, did you see the same? With a link opening in a new window vs. a new tab, it is often a browser specific setting. Can you share the example URL with us here? 

For #2, great news! They'll now have that label set imported and you can use those steps going forward to share new labels with them.

Silvia  Vogel

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for you prompt response.

Re #1: Have been advised by the client that thankfully the links are now working (not sure what they did?!)  They were opening in a new tab rather than a new window and I checked it on latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Explorer. I haven't figured out why they weren't working, but I'm glad they are now! Will advise if it happens again!

Thanks very much again for your helpful and timely advice.

best wishes, Silvia

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