Issues with .pdf document in Multimedia Attachment Block

Hello, I'm wondering if anybody has ever stumbled onto this issue... we are going to use a Rise course for onboarding new folks before they actually join our firm. To save them time on their first day from manually filling out all their tax forms, we uploaded a fillable tax form using the Multimedia Attachment blocks.

We had our document specialist department add a "Submit" button at the end of the .pdf document/form which automatically emails the completed tax forms to our HR Dept. The Submit button does work from the document itself, but when it opens in a new window in Rise, you can click the button but it does nothing.

We were planning to send the new hire the Share Link to the course, instead of running it through our LMS since the user won't actually be an employee in the portal until their start date. But, I did export the course to SCORM and even when I tried it through our LMS portal, I still had the same issue.

Has anybody got any suggestions? At this point, it might be best to just attach the fillable forms to the email that goes to the new hire :)


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Janette!

It sounds like the PDF opens in a new browser tab, is that right? Is the PDF hosted on a web server?

I wonder if it would work better if the PDF were embedded directly in the Rise lesson, so the learner wouldn't open a new browser tab.

Would you mind sending me your course share link so I can take a closer look? I'll delete it as soon as I'm done testing!

You can send that link to me privately by clicking here.