Multimedia Attachment Block

Jul 29, 2019

In the past when I have used the Multimedia Attachment Block, the attachment (a .pdf doc) has opened in a new tab/window upon clicking on it.

In my most recent creation, the attachment (again a .pdf doc) downloads upon clicking.  Does anyone know if that's a change in the uploaded document settings, a change in Rise settings, or a change in my computer/browser settings? 

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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Alyssa Gomez

Great question, Bob!

Rise 360 used to attach a unique identifier to files in the attachment block, resulting in extra characters added to the beginning of the file name. We made an improvement to remove the identifier, ensuring that extra characters were not added to the file name when the learner downloads the file.

For the browser to open a file in a new tab, it has to find the file by its real name, which includes the extra characters. Now that we've removed the extra characters from the file name, the browser will automatically download the file.

Let me know if you have more questions about that!

Bob Karl

I'd like the attachment to open in a new tab - is there a way to force Rise to open the attachment in a new tab rather than downloading?

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Linda Davis

So that I am clear about this, in RISE 360, if I put a PDF in the multimedia block, it will open in the course player and not a separate window (?). Because in the course I've built, the pdf opens in my LMS's mobile app, but there isn't a way to close the PDF and return to the course. I cannot find that option if it is there. So my learners are having to exit from the course and reopen in order to get the PDF to close. Does this sound right?

Crystal Horn

Hi, Linda. Are you adding the PDF using a multimedia embed block (with a URL or an iframe embed code), or are you using the attachment block?

If you're using the attachment block, the PDF should download to the device. We support viewing Rise 360 courses directly in mobile browsers, so the LMS mobile app may be contributing to the different viewing experience.

Is the goal for the PDF to be viewed by folks taking your course, or do they need to download a copy?

Linda Davis

Hi! I am attaching the PDF in the block, no iFrame. It is an optional piece of reading material. They don’t have to view it, but if they do (by clicking it), it opens – but the course disappears and all that remains open is the PDF. I hope that is answering your question. The steps to insert the block are Multimedia > Attachment. When I preview in RISE360, via browser, the attachment opens in a new tab - ideal. So, I suspect, as you mentioned, that our mobile app is overriding something. Looks like I need to remove all the optional attachments. Bummer. Thanks for the reply! Linda


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Judi. Are you asking about why files you share using the attachment block download instead of open in a new browser tab?

Many folks told us that when their learners downloaded assets from the attachment block, they needed to retain the original file name. This meant that we changed the way those files are stored in the course, and that prevents it from opening in a new tab.

If that's not your question, just let me know. I'll be happy to help you out!