Multimedia Attachments in Rise > Linking to Attachment URL After Attachment Deletion

I am pointing to the URL of a multimedia attachment that I deleted. Can I trust that this link will remain active? 

Here are my steps:

  1. I have added a PDF attachment to Rise (Multimedia > Attachment)
  2. I copied the URL of the attachment (by right-clicking the download arrow and clicking Copy Link Location [note that I'm building in FireFox]).
  3. I copied the URL to a hyperlink in a paragraph.
  4. I deleted the original PDF attachment.
  5. The link in the paragraph still works.

Can I trust that the link in the paragraph will remain active?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi J B!

If I'm understanding your question correctly, I imagine that you may be seeing a cached version.

I would not trust that personally since you are saying what you are linking to no longer exists.

Do you have a different location to host your PDF so that you can confidently link to that URL?

Philip Siwinski

Hi, I wish to broaden a bit this conversation about links of attachments in Rise.

An attachment works great. When exported in SCORM, the course stores the file in the /scormcontent/assets/ folder and generate the right link wherever the course is hosted.

However, I was wondering if it is possible to link to an attachment from another part of the course (inline on text or by adding a button). What do you think ?

Currently, I add a new attachment block everywhere I need to link to the document.

I've tried with /scormcontent/assets/mydocument.pdf and ./scormcontent/assets/mydocument.pdf but it does not work.

Thank you :)