Make Your PDF Pop in Rise 360

Jan 21, 2021

Feeling a little limited by using attachment blocks to share all your PDFs? Here are a couple of alternatives to freshen up your resources list! Both of these methods are perfect to use when you don’t have another easy hosting option to store your PDFs on the web.

First, create a new Rise 360 course to serve as a holding place for your PDF files.  Upload your PDFs to a lesson in this course using attachment blocks. Hover over the the attachment block, and right click to copy the attachment URL. We’ll use this URL as a link to your PDF file in your actual course.

In your actual course, you can use the link to your PDF file in two ways:

  1. Insert a button block, and edit the button to point to your attachment URL that you just copied:
  2. Or, insert an embed block, and embed your PDF right into the lesson by pasting the URL:

Now you try! You can even embed your PDFs into other interactive blocks using this method. Let me know how it goes!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mira! Just to add, the course containing the PDF will not need to be published and uploaded to the LMS.

That's because the PDF attachment is actually stored on our servers -- you'll notice the URL begins with

Anyone who has access to that link can view the PDF! Let me know if that helps!

Rise 0

What is the file limit on attaching files like this?
Any deeper article on this ( using attachments in separate rise course)  topic?

I see this as a possible work around for size limitations in LMS regarding the scorm package.
but i need to know more.

You say anyone with the link can see the attachment. What does that actually mean?

If the link to the attachment is shared, all that get the link can see the file?

The embed bypasses the need to share heavy content links? Such as massive amounts of video etc..

Rise 0

If using a second Rise course as embed source should it not work with adding the PDF ( or any type content) into a page and take the link of the actual rise page and use that as embed in the main course, thereby having not to change the link ever again in the main course, just changing the content in the embed /second course page? That way the content could also be password protected..?

I have not tested this, im just thinking out loud here..

Rise 0

Security stops me.

While doing the test with two courses, one main with embed and one with uploaded content that has a set of links from the content that are then used in the main course with embed block.

So i guess there is more to it then that every one can see it. Some iframe stuff going on that security doesnt approve of.

The link that is not let through is.. ..................

not even a page in the shared version for the course can be seamlessly embed. it shows a login. ..........

So that was fun to explore but sad to see the results that you get ( would really like that to be possible directly  inside rise.  (where security isnt an issue) 

I get a different results on embed methods, because of security.

Rise 0

Another way, Adding actual iframe code and not just hitting enter (and expecting that code to be there...)  seems to do the trick..

Using this code

<iframe width="600" height="500
"src=" name......" frameborder="0"></iframe>

In the block setting all padding is set to none and removing the border looks actually ok on desktop, i have tested out the pixels so that there is no scrollbars when used on desktop.
On iphone 7 it looks a bit strange no scrolbars there either, kind of works. I guess the settings and pixels has to be tested out for each type of content.

This makes it absolutely possible, it seems .. to have one course as the main course ( published in LMS with embedded pages links to/from  a rise course outside of the LMS that works as content holder for heavier files or just any files that rise can show,  that would i guess include any embedly plugin as well...  but i havent tested that.

I chose to not use direct content links for easy maintenance in one course only. 

Aishwarya S

Hi there,

if you embed a pdf in your Rise course, Articulate automatically creates the URL, in which the pdf opens once you click it. One of our clients seem to run into an issue when uploading the scorm package to their LMS, as the link to the pdf files exceeds the maximum length which their LMS accepts..

Is there any way to influence the URL, which Articulate builds?

Many thanks in advance!

Simone& Aishwarya