Make Your PDF Pop in Rise 360

Feeling a little limited by using attachment blocks to share all your PDFs? Here are a couple of alternatives to freshen up your resources list! Both of these methods are perfect to use when you don’t have another easy hosting option to store your PDFs on the web.

First, create a new Rise 360 course to serve as a holding place for your PDF files.  Upload your PDFs to a lesson in this course using attachment blocks. Hover over the the attachment block, and right click to copy the attachment URL. We’ll use this URL as a link to your PDF file in your actual course.

In your actual course, you can use the link to your PDF file in two ways:

  1. Insert a button block, and edit the button to point to your attachment URL that you just copied:
  2. Or, insert an embed block, and embed your PDF right into the lesson by pasting the URL:

Now you try! You can even embed your PDFs into other interactive blocks using this method. Let me know how it goes!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mira! Just to add, the course containing the PDF will not need to be published and uploaded to the LMS.

That's because the PDF attachment is actually stored on our servers -- you'll notice the URL begins with

Anyone who has access to that link can view the PDF! Let me know if that helps!