join more modules in Rise to have one single scorm package

Hi! I am doing several micro-learning modules on related topic and I would like to join them in a single scorm package and have a sort of "entry image" where the learners can choose which module to look at.

I already requested it as a new feature but I am wondering if anyone has implemented it already.

One solution I thought could be to create a single slide in Storyline 360 and then embed the various rise modules in it, and then publishing it to have a single scorm.

Ideally one should have a dashboard like the editors have with all the modules available.

Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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April Lokar

Depending on your LMS capabilities, you could set the courses up as a "Series" or something similar. The LMS we are using allows us to combine courses into more of a Mega-Course offering and force users to complete the courses in a specified order if we wish. Not sure if this is possible for you???