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Aug 08, 2018


I'm getting on really well with the translations functionality within Rise, it's been super straightforward to use. 

Can anyone tell me whether it is possible - or whether there are plans - to create a language selector within a Rise course? This would allow the learner to pick their language within one single SCORM package - rather than having to deliver, say, 20 separate modules each in a different language. 



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Elizabeth.  I love that you're finding translations in Rise easy to use!

Because it sounds like you need to track learner activity, you would create a different Rise course for each language version.  Rise tracks a single quiz result, so if you had multiple quiz versions, you would need a separate course to account for each language.

The alternative is to create a course that branches to different languages.  If you use blocks lessons, you can control branching navigation with buttons.  Translation would be manual, however, and you would have to track the appropriate percentage complete for learners rather than a quiz score.

Feel free to tell us more about how you envision a user-selected language option in Rise!  We always love hearing how we can make Rise into a tool you love (even more ☺️).

Isabella Sinnott

Hi Alyssa, thanks for the quick response! Is adding this functionality in the roadmap for Rise? Having to have separate courses for each language significantly increases the effort required to manage these courses in our LMS and makes the learner experience less nice - it essentially means we have to multiply our number of courses by 7!

Sam Rogers

Thanks for the response on this, Alyssa.  I'm very surprised to learn this isn't even on the roadmap yet! I believe this was reported as a request years ago when Rise first came out. 

To be honest, this news means that we will now be moving away from Rise as a tool. We routinely have 12-20 languages for every course. Using Rise means we have to duplicate the work and confuse our reporting. Storyline does not have this constraint, and IMHO no course publisher (rapid or otherwise) should.

Is there any suggested workaround that exists or that is on the roadmap now?

multilingual pain

Michael Wannagot

Hey there, throwing my hat in on this one. Not sure if there is a more updated version of this, tho.

In Captivate (and I assume Storyline?), you can create a "language" variable. Your translated text is on different layers. The visible layer is controlled by the selected language variable token.

Does no such workaround exist in Rise?

For the OP: Microsoft SharePoint has a really easy to use Language selector for Communication Sites. You can very easily create the look and feel of Rise pages there and collect quiz responses using embedded Microsoft Forms (which also now have language drop-downs). These will also look for the language token in your browser and automatically show you that language first. You can collect, even aggregate responses using PowerAutomate. I'm just not sure how you would send responses to an LMS, though. I think it's possible but it would take a bit of coding,


Steve Johnson

Alyssa, I'm just getting to create courses in Rise but have seen numerous requests for this functionality within Storyline 360 as well.

I am currently about to enter a feature request to see if this can Get onto the roadmap for Storyline 360 and ideally it would be very beneficial to have the functionality in Rise as well.

This is something developers are very much in need of, as being able to create a course with a language selector and branch into scenes for each language of the course, then be able to track it in an LMS to see which language the learner chose is something that would be of great benefit. (To justify future spend on specific languages based on take rate to show value). Example Capture and report Language selection in LMS - Articulate Storyline Discussions - E-Learning Heroes