Keep getting kicked out of Rise 360

Nov 06, 2019

I've been working in 360 for some time, and having to sign in again fairly often is something I've gotten used to, but over the past week I've found that I get kicked out every few minutes. Edits in a Rise course I'm revising aren't being saved because of this.  I'm working in Storyline 360 too, but this issue seems to be limited to Rise.

I've signed out & signed back in again, I've restarted the computer, and I've cleared my browser cache (working in Chrome).  I love Rise, but this has me wishing I was back working in a tool that lives locally, on my own machine.

Should I switch to another browser? (Not Internet Exfoliator, please!) 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Adam. I'm sorry you're getting slowed down! Let me see how I can help:

  • Is anyone collaborating on this course with you?
  • What version of Chrome are you using?
  • Have you tried logging into an incognito session of Chrome? If so, does it happen there?
  • And, don't try IE, but can you give it a go in another supported browser, like Firefox, Edge or Safari? 🙂

Let me know how you make out, and we can figure out some next steps.

Jean Devers

This is also happening to me. Just now I lost 20 minutes of meticulous work on an interactive diagram. Every few minutes or so it freezes and I have to sign in again. It also happens if I switch to another tab to check my email or look at my source material. I thought it was because I am using a trial version. It is highly frustrating because I don't know how long I have been signed out. I just get a rude surprise when I log back in and see that none of the work I have done for the past 15 or so minutes was saved.  To answer the questions posed above, I am the only one working on the course. So it is odd when I log back in and get a message that I am editing a section and if I want to take control from myself. I'm using the most recent version of Chrome. I have not tried going incognito or in any other browser. I'm trying to build a course to use to sell this to my manager as a worthwhile, faster option. But this bug is a real deal killer.

Any chance a save option is in the works? Also, when you purchase Articulate 360, will Rise be hosted on my company's own servers?

Crystal Horn

Hi, Jean. I'm really sorry you're seeing some hiccups. You shouldn't have to constantly reconnect to Rise 360. 

Thanks for providing those details. I've passed this information on to my team so we can help you one-on-one. You'll get an email from us soon.

Rise 360 is designed to save your work as you are editing without the need to manually save progress. I realize that wasn't your experience, and we'll find out why! When you subscribe to Articulate 360, the authoring experience in Rise 360 is still hosted at, our servers. With either a trial or a subscription, you can export your completed courses and host the output on your own website or learning management system.

Let me know if I can help further!

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