Knowledge Check: Retry after the correct is displayed

Jan 29, 2019

Hello Ashley, I also use knowledge checks in my Rise lessons. I understand that it reveals immediate feedback with the correct answer. However, at the same time, it offers the retry option. I had a lot of feedback from the learners that it does not make sense after they already saw what correct answer is. Is there anything that could be done? Can I disable retry option?

Thank you for your support

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Stephen Cutler

Has there been any development on this at all? As everyone has commented, it's completely illogical to show the answers and also the try again button (even if you relabel it) - and not have the option to turn either off. It makes the knowledge check questions look very clunky in Rise 360.

Bearing in mind this thread is 3 years old, is there genuinely any plan to make this simple change?

Metaksya Fjield

Since I am stuck with the system, I usually make shorter quizzes. 5-10 questions max.  I make sure each quiz question has multiple attempts so that they can get it right before they move on to the next.  This way, even though a lot of time is wasted at least I do not get negative feedback due to the lack of the very necessary option that should be there.

Angelo Cruz

Hello Pamela! There isn't a fix yet for this.

There are users who deleted the label and just left the icon. Some users changed the "TAKE AGAIN" label to "Try again if you wish!" as a workaround to reduce any confusion.

We'll post updates to this thread if we have other workarounds or make changes that will help.