Labeled graphic, width of cards with embed?

I created a labelled graphic with markers/cards that contain videos with embed.

Depending on the location of the marker, the width of the card changes and in the first lesson marker 4 card becomes very narrow so that you cannot even see the full screen possibility. Marker 4looks ok in the second lesson but still quite narrow and not in the correct place on the map.  This is in the preview of PC mode.

Is there any way of controlling this? Via embed settings, size on image etc? Are there any recommendations for image sizes or embeds to avoid this?  

I wanted to display a map and the possibility to see examples of activities taking place all over the country.

See attached image and link to course example.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Helena,

The marker card height/width is going to change based on the device you're viewing it on and the size of the window. Rise is designed to work with responsive design and accommodating the different device displays.

If you preview the mobile view, for instance, you'll see the difference. Even changing the size of the browser when viewing the link you shared above will reflect how it's handled in Rise.

All that being said, you are still welcome to share your thoughts via a feature request here with our Product team.

David Tait

I think it would be helpful for users to have a crib sheet to refer to showing the ratio of the various images that can be used for each image type (i.e. 16:9, 4:3, 1:1 etc).

In addition it might also help if we could refer to some info that tells us the dimensions that each image will display at when viewed on a PC (I assume the size of each image caps out somewhere?). This will help as we could then create our images to fit the maximum requirements and let Rise handle the scaling for smaller devices.