Labelled graphic - bug in mobile portrait

Jun 26, 2019


I've think I've found a bug in Rise 360.

I have a labelled graphic in my course. Works fine on desktop and tablet preview. Works fine on landscape mobile. When I view it on portrait mobile the graphic isn't there.

When I rotate my phone to landscape, the graphic appears and then I rotate back to portrait it stays.

Screenshots attached.

Hope you can help, thanks.

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Crystal Horn

Hi, Alexandra. I'm sorry you're seeing some inconsistency on your end. Labeled graphic images are displaying for me in each of the responsive previews.

I'd love to get you the help you need. I've opened a case so we can have a closer look at your content. Since you have Articulate 360 for Teams, you get priority support! Be on the lookout for an email from support with next steps.

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