Leaving a Toolkit on Review 360 vs Publishing

Good afternoon! By mistake, the Review 360 link to a toolkit I completed using Rise was sent out to the target audience instead of the link to the published html content. 

I am being asked what the harm would be in just leaving it as is....and, as I reflect, I realize I'm not entirely sure of the downsides myself. I thought I would ask here? 

Since it's not in an LMS, no need to worry about tracking. I can see that the launch page is different, but what else? 

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Nisha Makan

Hey Kristin, I guess with the course being hosted in Review you just need to make sure you don’t delete the course in Review from your account if you do a cleanup etc.

I’m not 100% sure what would happen here, but if you left your organisation would your account become deactivated? Not sure if your on a Team account or not but if your content got transferred to another user, not sure if the Review link would stay the same?

Also, sorry if you’ve done this already;  but you may want to disable comments on your Review link so the comment sidebar is removed.