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Medien  Produktion


this ist such an important and missing feature. For example, when we use the knowledge check, you cant use font size above 16 because the line spacing ist so small, so the lines touch the next line. In many Elements it doesn't even make sense to change the font size while you does not have the option to change the line-height, the Elements just look awful and you cant use it with other font sizes. We also made a feature request for it and didn't get any response for it. 

Erin Hunt

Longtime Storyline user - trying to make my first large project for my organization in Rise and YIKES!!!!! The spacing is crazy. Came here to see what I am doing wrong and am realizing this has been an issue for many. So, I am adding my voice to the choir- more control of line spacing should be a feature in the future.

PinAcademy Admin

I would also love to know what the progress is with line spacing control in Articulate Rise - its totally inconsistent between different bodies of type (ie: subhead block vs image next to type block) and makes its hard to stay on brand as a large company. Large type looks terrible on the platform right now as it is so spaced out. Is this a feature we can expect to see soon?