Linking to specific lesson from outside Rise

Feb 12, 2019

Is there a way to link to a lesson within a course from outside Rise? Example: send an email with a link taking the user directly to a quiz within a larger Rise course.

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Rise 0

This is kind of possible, under certain  conditions.

Prepare the quiz section so it looks nice..

The course link must be from a share link course
Take the browser adress link directly from the page that has the quiz.
Note: Make sure to have a direct page link in the quiz block, after quiz.. to the main course page if you want the student to be able to take the full course after the quiz..

Put the link from the quiz section/page in email. send out.

So it is possible but not from within LMS and not with tracking with this method.

Tracking can possibly be done in some way with "1px. storylineblock" in the quiz section... but that i leave for those that needs tracking to discuss.

Maybe someone know how to do that and can share.

Vanessa Hazzard

Thanks for the reply! Are you able to link to a specific lesson within a course in the Rise LMS? Crystal mentioned in her post that you can deep link to a lesson within a course if it is exported for web, but for an LMS, it gets complicated due to how course launching behavior is handled by the LMS. I was wondering for this specific LMS, is there a workaround?

Gren Foronda

Hi Vanessa!

While deep linking to a specific lesson works in Rise 360, however, I tested this in, and using the URL of a lesson doesn't bring you directly to the lesson, just to the Course Description/Launch page.

However, if the course is added to a Learning Path, then the course (and lesson) is accessed through the Learning Path, then deep linking to a lesson works. You may try this as a workaround if you'd like learners to view a specific lesson of a course directly.

Let us know if you have any questions or clarifications; we're here to help!