Links within Rise (i.e. creating a glossary)

Nov 17, 2016

Is it possible to create links within Rise to sections within the module? for example, if I have a word such as Rise, that I wish to hyperlink to a glossary within the learning module, is this possible?

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Mark Shepherd

Hi Stacy:

To create a series of links to connect to the various sections of your Rise course, try using a BUTTON STACK within a Rise Lesson Block.

You start with 3 buttons to create links with, but you can use the ADD ITEM tool to create more link buttons within that same space. 

Editing the buttons allows you to set button link locations, as well as the ability to change the text labels for the buttons.

Note that the coloring of the buttons remain all the same and use the same color as your existing design theme.

Hope this helps!


CGI Group

Thanks Mark and Adam, so I would need to create a separate slide for each glossary item then, as I cannot figure out how to link to a specific word as you can in Storyline 2. Looks like just one Glossary that the user must scroll through to find the correct term identified in the link

Mark Shepherd

Hi Stacy:

I don't think is possible within Rise to link to a specific word or content point, like a word or paragraph within a text block, statement, or quote, for example.

You may want to request a new Rise feature for bookmarking a specific point within a Rise course, so you can then be able to link to it in the way you are looking for.

Mark Shepherd

Thanks Ashley!

I've been busy writing up a comprehensive (exhaustive? LOL) review of the complete Articulate 360 Suite this week, and needless to say, Rise is going to get some star billing in that review, which I hope to finish and release this weekend.

More to come soon on that item, both here, and on LinkedIn. ;)

Bruce Fleischacker

Is it possible to click a button to move to a location within the same lesson? There are several content types a learner can use (video, simulation, documents) that are embedded multiimedia on one page. We want to keep everything on one page so learners don't have to click too much. Is there a way to click the button and it'll take you to the simulation, which is at the bottom of the page?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi John! 

The visual demo in that link shows how to add section titles to the main menu page in a Rise 360 course. 

However, it sounds like you want to create a menu link to a particular block within a lesson, is that right?

There isn't a feature for linking to a particular block, but I appreciate you sharing your need for that!

john nanavati

what i'm looking for is the structure that the document (link  that i included) used.

i want to introduce a topic and finish by saying something like, this will be presented in three sections:

  • subtopic1
  • subtopic2
  • subtopic3

and have each of the bulleted items be a hyperlink to a text block with the corresponding subtopic header.


if i understand correctly, it sounds like:

1, this functionality doesn't exist right now and

2, the link i sent wasn't written in rise but another software

.... am i correct?


thanks for your time and quick response

Crystal Horn

Hi there, John. Thanks for clarifying.

The link you shared shows how to create the menu for your course in Rise 360. In the menu, you have the option to group lessons into sections, and that's what was shown here

You're right, however, that there isn't a way to link from one block to another block within a lesson. Here's a 2 minute Peek 360 screencast to show exactly what I mean.

We'll let you know if we make any changes to that functionality!

Jaya Pandey

I would love to see the feature where I can take the user back to where they were in the lesson by using a hyperlink. This will help when we add glossary to a Rise course. User can then jump back and forth to the glossary and where they were last in the course. Please let me know when is this going to be added?