Listening for xAPI statements

Nov 28, 2021

I have exported a rise 360 package as xAPI (Tin can) and ran it on localhost inside an iframe. Inspecting the chrome networking tab, I am not seeing any attempt to send data about the user's participation in the course (statements, I believe they are called). 

I was wondering how you listen for the interactions with the package, so I can send it to my back-end for storage. 


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ADA Egret


I hope that I can be of some help here! When exporting to xAPI we've discovered that Rise 360 is expecting to be launched within an LMS environment in order to open communications with the LRS.

After investigating how such mechanisms work (they're standardized after-all), we discovered that the following documentation will tell you how to launch an xAPI package and provide it LRS interface information. 

In order to listen for information from a Rise xAPI exported package I'm afraid you'll need to build (or find, if such a thing exists) what amounts to a miniature xAPI LMS that launches the package so that it can send data to your LRS.

My apologies that I couldn't provide a more straight-forward and easier to implement answer!