<mark> and </mark> .html tags showing up after search

Sep 26, 2023

I'm seeing <mark>  </mark> around search terms. When someone clicks the magnifying glass at the top left of the course, then selects one of the results. If the search term shows up in a the beginning of a new "Lesson", it is surrounded with the <mark>  </mark>  .html tags. 

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Onlea Boreal

Our team is experiencing this bug as well across all our courses. 

It happens when you search for a lesson by the lesson title. For example, a heading or subheading within a lesson will not have the <mark> </mark> notation added, but the lesson title will.

Also it specifically wraps your search term in the <mark> </mark> text. Example: in a title named "XXXX YYYY", if you search for "XXXX" the title will show up as "<mark>XXXX</mark> YYYY".

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