Matching type question on Rise published on a webserver not working

Oct 19, 2020


I've created a package using Rise 360 which utilised the matching type. It's already been approved by my customer. However, when I published on our webserver, all questions utilising this question type do not work. My customer is not using an LMS. They just need a shareable link. 

I read this thread here: which has the same issue. As this bug issue does not appear to have been resolved, what's the current workaround please?



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Skill Boosters

We are having the same issue too - when a course is stored on a separate web server to the LMS the matching quiz submit and the exit button do not work. Whereas they do work when the same item is stored on the same web server as the LMS. This seems to be a common problem. Please can you advise why this is happening.


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Skill Boosters. I am seeing the same behavior when I host my Rise 360 SCORM output on a regular web server (Amazon S3). When hosting the web output on web, or the same SCORM output in an LMS environment, the content works as expected.

I'm documenting this behavior, and we can update you here with a fix once released. Thanks for pointing this issue out!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Susan. I'd like to confirm if you're exporting for LMS and then hosting the package on a web server as opposed to an LMS. If so, we're seeing the same thing, and we've tagged this conversation to updated with any fixes. For now, you can export for web to host your content on a web server.

If that's not the case, can you please privately share your output with us here using the attachment field, and we can have a look at your circumstances? Thank you!