Meaningful name of shared course link and downloadable materials

May 22, 2017

Hey dear Articulate team,

Will it be possible to create a more meaningful name for the sharable links to the courses we share through the web? When we obtain the link to our course through "Share" feature, Rise generates the address with the link like "******mkLJalRgrp****Uq0wg#/?_k=f0v***" (stars for hidden symbols, as I do not want to really share here the course)

We would like to have at least a course name in the link, if random symbols are unavoidable. 

Also, if we upload a file to Rise, with a meaningful name, -- when users download  it, filename is also changed to random letters. We would like to keep it original (if it sits on server in our own folders, there probably won't be a problem to avoid naming ambiguity)

Thank you very much!


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