How are you hosting your Rise 360 course in Wordpress?

Nov 07, 2023

We cannot seem to get the Rise 360 (LMS or Web versions) to work properly on our Wordpress website. 

We were using the GrassBlade plug in but there is a consistent issue with the course pages 'jumping' after a continue button - down to somewhere in the middle of the next section, instead of just taking you to the top of the next section. 

It works fine when we 'play' it directly through AmazonS3 storage - but to use this in Wordpress without another plugin, we can only provide a link to the AmazonS3 storage place - which means anyone with the link can share it to others (ie it's not behind our pay wall). 

Who else is embedding Rise 360 pages into a WordPress site? can you recommend a plug in we should be using if not GrassBlade? We're stumped and the GrassBlade developers just keep passing the buck saying it's a Rise 360 issue (which it's not, because it plays perfectly everywhere else). 

Would love your suggestions - we don't want to go down the SAP Litmos road - we're a small organisation helping other organisations get their learning content online but we can't recommend Rise 360 if we can't find a solution that works with Wordpress (which is what most of our clients are using)! 

Thank you for your suggestions in advance! 

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Stamatis Kourtis

Hi Maria,

I found an alternative plugin offered by eLearningFreak which looks very similar to GrassBlade plugin, though I haven't tested it yet.

And some context from my end. I run a WordPress site and the trainers decided to start using Articulate and Rise 360 for authoring the online courses. So when I saw your post, I got worried about the user experience as well.

Hopefully, you will fix this bug soon!