Microlearning zoom on mouse click

May 05, 2023

When using either 'image centered' or 'image and text' block, and enabling the 'zoom on mouse click' functionality, it merely removes the background color of the block or slightly shifts the image to the right.  Is there a solution to this?

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Karl Muller

Hi Leslie,

Julie is correct. The Zoom function does not actually enlarge your image; zoom merely displays the image at the resolution used when the image was uploaded. 

Here is why zoom appears not to be working for certain images.

The image and text block uses a container within which the image is displayed.

If the size of the uploaded image is larger than the size of the container, Rise will display the image smaller, because its constrained to the size of the container. 

Selecting Zoom will display the image at its original size, creating the illusion of zoom. 

If the size of the uploaded image is smaller or equal to the size of the container, selecting Zoom will not change how the image was originally displayed in the image and text block.

In this case, upload a new version of the image using larger dimensions.