Process Block and Video

May 20, 2021

Hey everyone. I'm trying to replicate the settings for the video from this course in the Customization Tips & Tricks lesson. I like the feature of being able to zoom in on the video to enlarge it. However, I don't see any settings in the Process block other than Enable zoom on image click.

This is what my video looks like in the Process block (see attachment). Thanks!

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Elizabeth Kuhlmann

Hi Jon! It looks like Madison used an animated gif in that process block to show a short clip of something that would repeat and also be zoomable.

If you use a video, the learner will have the option of making the video full screen like in my attached screenshot, but an animated gif like Madison did is a great option for just clicking to zoom in! I like to use the tool ScreentoGif for things like this, but I am sure other Community members will have some input, too!