Mobile menu defaults to text when scrolling

Oct 02, 2017

Hi, maybe this is a small thing but why does the mobile menu icon (top left) default to text "course" when scrolling in a mobile view? My uses find this confusing as it is not a clickable item and looks a bit ugly - see my screenshot when viewing course on a samsung mobile.

Any ideas on why this happens, or how we can make it invisible?

CSS maybe?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Paul, thanks for the screenshot! That's definitely not what we'd expect, so I'm glad you brought this up. We tested this on a few Samsung devices, but we haven't had any luck recreating the issue. Can you help me with a few more details?

  • What¬†Android OS are you using?¬†
  • Did you test this in mobile Chrome?
  • Does this only happen on Samsung devices, or other mobile devices as well?
Paul Knights

Hi Alyssa,

Yh we did some further testing our end and it may be the LMS itself. I tested again using just a web version of the course on a Samsung S6, Android, Chrome and a Sony Experian Z5 Compact, Android, Chrome and both worked with no problems.

I then tested both phones on Scormcloud with an Scorm version and both phones worked fine. However when I tested both phones on out 'TalentLMS' install the error showed up - hence it must be the LMS itself.

Many thanks for looking into it in any case.

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